Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum Review

Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum Review

The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is now being recognized in the market to be one of the most efficient appliances nowadays. Complete with effective features, this machine will always meet your expectations and set of demands regarding into this kind of home tool. As a matter of fact, the demand of this product will make you more amaze for the reason that it is being availed by numerous consumers in the market and in the web. With the presence of this machine, you will no longer have problems in terms of cleaning your home in no time. In accordance, here are some of the features that you should look forward in this machine.


Filtration System of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum

In this particular feature, you can personally notice that those dusts that will get inside this machine will no longer scatter after being sucked. This is for the reason that the system of this machine is being covered by an AireTight HEPA filtration which has a 12 amp vacuum cleaner that is in the upright position of this machine. As long as this system have its good condition, there is a great possibility that you can now intact the dust in an easy process.


Cleaning System of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum

Since you always looking for a better and a strong sucking power of a vacuum cleaner, then this machine is just so right for your demand. This is because it is being composed of a cleaning system which is covered by a 9x multi-cyclonic. This only means that you can now possess a non-stop suction power during your dusting time. As a result, while you clean, you will no longer have trouble in terms of continuous suctioning power that can be executed and maintained in a very easy way.


Rotating Brush of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum

By the time that you use this appliance, there is no doubt that you can now obtain total cleaning process.  This is for the reason that this machine has this rotating brush, 15-inch on/off control system. With the presence of these brushes, you can now perfectly remove those hard to remove dirt on the floor. And at the same time, there is a great possibility that you can now eliminate excess dust that is cannot be sucked by the suction power of this machine. To conclude the effectiveness of this machine, it’s totally awesome in terms of promoting convenient and efficient cleaning process.


Easy-Empty Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum Dirt Container

In addition to these spectacular features of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum, here now is the dirt container of this machine that will always make you feel clean and comfortable. As long as you clean the dirt bag of this machine, you will no longer have problem in relation to the proper and total cleaning. With this effective dirt bag of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum, you can now save your time cleaning this machine which can make you do your next tasks for the day.

Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum


26 pounds; 14 x 15 x 44.5 inches



  • Filtration System that is AireTight HEPA
  • Upright vacuum cleaner with 12amp
  • Cleaning system with 9x multi-cyclonic for a continuous and non-stop power of suctioning
  • 15 inch of rotating brush with an on/off control
  • Adjustment settings within 7 height
  • Extension Wand of Telescoping
  • Lifetime Belt
  • Dirt Container with an Easy-Empty Concept
  • With a 5-year limited warranty



In terms of accessories, Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum has a dirt-cup capacity of 15oz. It is also compose of a cord length that is 30inches long. In addition, Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum has these control buttons on the handle that can be easily manage by your hands. Some surfaces of this machine is also protected by a soft bumper which is made in order to not scratch your walls and furniture and also, for this machine to not be destroyed early.



Corners that have these annoying, and can probably deliver some allergies, spider webs can always be sucked instantly by this machine. A healthier home can now be promoted. As you use this machine, you can now clean these nook surfaces inside your home in an easy way. In addition, your carpets can now maintain its comfortable texture with the help of the brushes in this machine. your sofa can also commit some shining cleanliness with Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum. You can also fight the continuous growth of odour that is being caused by bacteria. This is for the reason that Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum has this clean longer which can make you have a tranquil feeling because of its non-stops suction process.



You will find the price of this product in a quite expensive rate. But you must always think of the quality service that can be given to you by this product. As you look to this fact, you will notice that you can now obtain a return that is more than you’ve paid for. By the time that you already avail this product, there is a great chance that you will always be contented and satisfied in so many ways. Focusing on its efficient features is a great act towards better cleaning and purchasing results.


Consumer Ratings

In relation to the reactions of these customers, they are totally agreed that this product is really helpful in their living. This is why they place the rate of this product in a very considerable rate of effectiveness. The rate of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is 3.0 out of 5 stars. This is a good rate that can be nearly compared to an excellent performance of a very successful and helpful vacuum cleaner.


The price of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is $812 on With this big difference in terms of price, there is a great assurance that you can now save $50.00 which is good for you to have in order for you to spend these excess for some important expenditures. As a conclusion, this price of  Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum  is truly well-compensated.