How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner

How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are used in homes to help the cleaning process go smoothly and quickly. A vacuum is considered a machine and machines must be maintained regularly so they can continue to perform at peak performance for as long as possible. When you learn how to clean a vacuum cleaner you will also avoid having to replace parts and this will help you save money too.


The Items You Will Need

If you want to clean your vacuum you will need to have materials on hand that will allow you to complete this task easily. The items that you will need include:


  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Brush
  • Liquid soap
  • Water
  • Cloth
  • Scissors


The Process To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing that you will need to do is make sure that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged from the outlet. You will then need to find out how your vacuum collects dirt. Does it collect dirt in a container or a bag? If the vacuum collects dirt in a container you will need to empty the container.


Make sure that you empty the container outside if possible so that dirt and dust will not redeposit in your home. You can also wash the container before bringing it back into your home.


If your vacuum cleaner uses a bag to collect dirt you will need to remove the bag and dispose of it in the trash. The replacement bags that you purchase should be the same type as the original. A different type of bag may not collect the dirt correctly. Dirt that is not properly collected can travel to the motor of your vacuum and cause damage.


The containers and bags can be easily removed and replaced but if you are not sure how to properly remove the objects you can refer to the manual that was included with the vacuum for clarification on how to safely remove the container or bag.


The next thing that you will need to do when you clean a vacuum cleaner is to make sure the filters are thoroughly cleaned. There may be one or several filters located in the vacuum and each one is dedicated to separating the dust and dirt while the air is cleansed. You should also refer to the manual to make sure that the filters in your vacuum can be washed. If they must be replaced you will need to purchase new filters.


Filters that can be washed should be placed in a soapy solution and scrubbed with a brush. Allow the filters to completely dry before placing them back into the vacuum cleaner. You will reduce the risk of electric shock and you will prevent mold and mildew from developing inside of the vacuum.


Finally you will need to clean the attachments of the vacuum and the vacuum’s brush. You should check the brush and roller for any debris that may be trapped. Use the scissors to remove any hard to reach areas.


When you clean a vacuum cleaner you are making sure that your cleaning tool is well maintained. Your home will also stay cleaner and healthier when you eliminate the risk of releasing dirt and dust back into the air with a dirty vacuum cleaner.