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Members of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT) perform the show ‘My Dream’ in the Telmex Auditorium in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The show combines dance and music performances from Chinese and Western traditions. Photo by EPA


A baby elephant trapped in a deep muddy hole inside Khao Soi Dao wildlife sanctuary in Chanthaburi province is given water after being rescued from the hole. Photo by NATIONAL PARKS, WILDLIFE AND PLANT CONVERSATION DEPARTMENT


A woman selling meat looks at graffiti next by her stall, on a street in central Hanoi. Photo by EPA.


A view shows the bedroom of the Null-Stern-Hotel (Zero-star-hotel) land art installation by Swiss artists Frank and Patrik Riklin on an alp near Gonten, Switzerland. Guests can order overnight stays in the Null-Stern-hotelroom with no walls and roof located on some 1,200 metres altitude in the eastern Swiss Alps. Photo by REUTERS.


A young visitor looks at an eight-year-old female elephant named Saen Dao swimming and diving with a mahout inside a glass panel swimming pool at Khao Kheow Zoo in Chonburi. The performance is held to educate visitors about pachyderm behaviour as well as to promote tourism.
Photo by EPA.