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A guest holds a blanket as he prepares to rest in Mexico’s first capsule hotel at Benito Juarez airport in Mexico City. Photo by REUTERS


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, speaks about the iPhone X during a launch event in Cupertino, California, on Sept 12. Photo by REUTERS


Men push a cart with accessories they use for their roadside food stall as heavy rain falls in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Photo by REUTERS


The silhouette of Japan’s highest mountain Mount Fuji is seen beyond buildings in the dusk in Tokyo. Photo by REUTERS


Britain’s biggest reusable rocket Skybolt 2, which stands 8.3 metres tall, is launched by Starchaser Industries, at Otterburn in Northumberland, England. The rocket reached a maximum height of 4,000 feet before it was lowered back down to earth by parachute. Photo by AP


The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is seen over the sky near the village of Pallas (Muonio region) of Lapland, Finland September 8, 2017. Photo by REUTERS