How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Simple Ways on How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Ways on how to overcome social anxiety should be known by people who are suffering from this disorder. Have you ever felt shy of making small talks with others? Or, maybe you find it uncomfortable to eat in front of others? Whatever you have experienced from these, it can be concluded that you might be among those who are suffering from social anxiety. This makes it necessary for you to learn ways on how you can overcome it.


How to Overcome Social Anxiety: Learn the Basics First

Professionals stated that social anxiety is a disorder that can be quite pervasive. The situations mentioned are just some of the common examples of cases of people with a social anxiety disorder. It can be triggered even in the slightest like going to or using public comfort rooms. For others, anxiety may arise only in specific situations involving any social activities. There are others who are engaging in covert avoidance. This is the case when the person may decide to attend parties. However, it is more likely for them to choose hanging back in any place where they do not have to be necessitated to mingle.


How to Overcome Social Anxiety Basics: Definition of the Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is defined as the feeling of anxiety that anticipates any social situation. It can either be felt during or following that situation. It is linked to the fear of being evaluated. But, it is not only the negative evaluations that these people are getting worried about, but also the positive ones.

In simple terms, social anxiety is the high level of shyness that a person feels. It is only normal for people to feel shy and even anxious. However, for some, the anxiousness they feel is already in a bit of extreme level. Such occurrence can affect their lives and prevent them from doing things they like. It can even reach to the point when they would lose the confidence to go to school as well as work.

People suffering from this disorder will know they are suffering from it if they are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms associated with it. It includes feeling like there are butterflies in the stomach, increase in heart beat, sweating and blushing. Experiencing can also be an inconvenience. Sometimes, even if you do not feel that way, your anxiety is still enough to overwhelm you that you feel lost in what you are supposed to do. For those who want to eliminate frequent cases of this, there are ways on how to overcome social anxiety.

Overcome Social Anxiety


What Should Be Done to Learn How to Overcome Social Anxiety

  • Determine the Reason Why and How You Got It And Make the Changes

What happened to you before is linked to the anxiety you are experiencing now. And, what happened before is also beneficial for you to overcome this feeling. That is why you need to know the cause before you can do anything. Just like fear, social anxiety has a cause as well. You might already be shy even as a child. But, there are cases when the level of shyness you are feeling may have become extreme when you reached your teenage years. This only means that it is caused by a certain occurrence in your life before. This occurrence is also marked by your brain as a dangerous situation.

The anxiety you are experiencing now is only your defensive mechanism trying to protect you from the same situation. Your brain does it to protect you from any possible emotional injury. This can only be solved or overcome by rewiring your brain, which you need to do once you have learned its very cause. You can rewire your brain by knowing how you can change that programming made by it. Yes, it may seem complicated to do. But, you can do it by making changes in your thinking patterns. Try and gradually lower the level of anxiousness you feel along with changing your habits and behaviors. You would need to create a solid plan for this to work. The following can help if you would include it.

  • Practice and Always Believe in Yourself

Social anxiety is linked and can stem from lack of belief in yourself. Always think that you are a person with worth. You are born to be an achiever and you can! Learn to grasp that fact and use it in building your missing or lost confidence. Always bothered or worried about other’s opinion about you? It is also one of the reasons that contribute to your social anxiety. Do not let such opinions affect you since it does not really matter. Be proud of yourself and you will realize later that you are making changes in yourself already.

  • Make it a Habit to Make New Friends

Improvements within you, especially concerning your social anxiety, are dependent on the friends you have. It does not mean that you have to leave them behind, but you only need to make new ones. They can be your source of new learning. And, the one you have right now may already be used with your just being quiet while with them. By making new friends, you get to practice and use your confidence, which can help in overcoming your anxiety.

  • Make Deep Breathing as a Part of Your Every Day Life

As one suffering from social anxiety, you know what can trigger this feeling. So, if you know that the particular social situation can provoke anxiety, it will help to do deep breathing exercises to prevent it. It will become a second nature once you get used to it. It means after a long run, your deep breathing will no longer let you miss any conversation.

  • Practice the Exposure Hierarchy System

It entails making a list of the situations that trigger your anxiety. The order should be depending on the severity. Then, one by one, you will work on or do something to overcome it until you get to the last.

People with social anxiety know how it can limit them in accomplishing things. It can also lead to frustrations. But, you do not have to feel this way about yourself since there are solutions that can be used and done. Do not get this feeling control your life. You can help conquer this by following the ways listed above on how to overcome social anxiety.